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About Us


Our farm offers pasture raised, non GMO, hormone free, antibiotic free, and vaccine free meats. We raise chicken, beef, pork, lamb, goat, and turkey, as well as fresh eggs. Our family cares for the all of our animals respectfully, and properly to give them the best and healthiest life. When they reach the proper age of maturity we humanely butcher the poultry our farm offers. Once the poultry has been skillfully prepared, it is packaged and offered to our customers. Our poultry is carefully selected, and hand packaged to provide you and your family with the freshest taste, and the healthiest product. Please enjoy our poultry either fresh, or frozen.

When our beef, pork, goat, and lamb reach the proper maturity age, we utilize a local USDA butcher shop to skillful cut and package our meat. We are able to pick it up in a timely manner, so you are able to enjoy these products both fresh or frozen.

Our family also takes great pride in the eggs we offer from the fowl we raise. Each day we hand collect our eggs, inspect each egg for quality assurance, and package them for our customers. Our eggs come in all different sizes and colors due to the breeds of chickens we raise. We strive for freshness, and great taste when it comes to our eggs.

Our Story

I have always dreamed of owning and operating my own farm. With the loving support from my wife, we have turned that dream into our reality. The 5am-5pm construction life was not for me. I prayed about this farm, and jumped in head first. This farm has become a passion of mine, and i enjoy watching it grow. We couldn't be more proud to be able to offer our children healthy, well raised beef, pork, & poultry. This has become the goal of our farm. We work very hard, and truly enjoy being able to raise quality meats. We want to continue to build on our goals, by offering you excellent service and fresh food. We thank God, everyday, for allowing us to use our land to bring families together through a healthy meal. We pray you continue to enjoy our products, as we will continue to thank you, truly, for your patronage. 

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Please be aware of the risks involved in consuming undercooked or raw foods.
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