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Broilers: Color Yields (Red Hybrids)

Egg Layers: Brown and Green Egg Layer Hybrids. 


Our non GMO, antibiotic free chickens that are raised for meat consumption are housed in mobile shelters. These mobile shelters are moved daily, to greener pasture. This prevents over-grazing and maintains a clean environment for all of our chickens. These chickens are selectively butchered between 8 and 12 weeks, depending on their size and maturity. Our non GMO, hormone free egg layers are housed and raised in a mobile coop that is moved periodically to greener pasture. Our egg layers have free range of 5 acres of green pasture. Eggs are collected, inspected, and packaged everyday. 


Our non GMO, antibiotic free turkeys are raised with free range of our pasture where they have the opportunity to roam and graze. We raise our Turkey just as we raise our chicken. Our turkeys are raised on our farm from the months of July to November, and then processed fresh for Thanksgiving. We allow our turkey customers to choose the weight of their turkeys, so they have the perfect size to accommodate their friends and family. Our turkeys are available fresh for pick up at our Fairgrounds or Malvern farmers market. 

Broad Breasted White

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